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Eaton Hydraulic Series 33-64 Motor Valve Block/Integral Valves

If you motor has a valve block put in orings and backup rings on the valve block. The high pressure ports need an oring and backup ring. Put the oring on first and then the back up ring. You will see a curved side of the ring needs to go toward the oring. Put he square cut ring in low pressure drain port of the valve block. Place the valve block on the end cover. Put the bolts in and tighten them up. Make sure you use some type of grease to hold the oring and backup ring in with and don’t let the oring get ruined or it will not be able to the job it is intended to do.

If you have a motor that has an integral shuttle and low pressure relief valve put in two outer gauge port plugs. Put the center gauge port plug and tighten it up. Next put in the shuttle valve springs and plugs, then tighten that up. Place the low pressure relief valve plunger and spring. Grease and put the shims in the relief valve plug. Put the plug in over the spring, this will ensure the shims are not extracted, then screw the plug in and tighten it up.

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