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Sundstrand Sauer Danfoss – Meanings of The Numbers On A Tag For A Pump/Motor

The tag on your hydraulic/hydrostatic pump or motor tells alot of information needed to help fix your unit,for parts or get a new unit all together.

When that tag is torn off or worn off, makes it hard to identify your unit so you can get the correct unit or parts that fit your specific unit.

Below will explain what the certain letters and numbers mean on the tag.

Model Code – tells the specific unit is and you will need to order parts.

Model Number – mfg. can tell by this number so you can order a whole unit.

Serial Number – it tells the date and the unit series in the build and tell about the warranty (how long it last).

Letter Code – tells what city for example it was built in.

The First Two Digits – tells the year it was built.

The Second Digit – tells the week on the calendar it was built.

The Third Set of Digits – series of numbers to specify a certain unit.

On your date code it has a year and week and may have correlative item numbers that may have more than one part number, that lets them know that there is more than one arrangement for this unit. Also, on certain model numbers there may be changes to the units. There may be improvements and parts changed to enhance the units performance. They will send out service bulletins if they do that.

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