Month: August 2021

General Information for T Seals

It is essential you know certain things before getting seal for whatever unit you are working on. You will need to know the pressure range, temperature range, maximum diametrical clearance and seal width. The main reason a seal wears out is the clearance gap. They can be pinched or cut into, if not seated properly.  …

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Repairing Hydraulic Cylinders

Of course we all know when the hydraulics in the cylinders start to go out, makes our jobs alot harder. It is inevitable the seals will go out from everyday wear and tear, age and seals thinning out. Just don’t use it til you have erosion going on, will cost you more in the long …

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Vee Packing Seals for Cylinder

Seals need to be made to have options in clearances if your going over or thru threaded surfaces or sharp projections. The clearance level needs to be made for the least amount tolerance in order for it to do it’s job. For every one thousandth of an inch that is added to the clearance that …

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