HY Hydraulic Cylinders Part ll

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HY Hydraulic Cylinder

Number One: Face Ground and raised endcaps that are from ASTM A 108-61 C1117 substance. It will give a parallel and square area for machining, putting it on and stable alignment. Number Two: The seal on the cylinder is on there securely, to prevent leaks. Number Three: The tube is pilot fitted and goes right …

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Hall Series 370 Hydraulic Pumps/Motors General Information

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Hall 250 Hydraulic Pumps/Motors – General Information Part ll

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Dowty Hydraulic Pumps/Motor Data Performance Part ll

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Dowty Pumps/Motors General Information

Mounting You can put the mount any way you want. It comes in two bolt and four bolt that have a pilot for the area it is in. The part of the unit that has the pilot needs to have a .039 in. chamber to make sure it gets installed correctly. If you use flexible …

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Vickers PVB/PVB5/PVB10/PVB6/PVB15/PVB29 Control Data

Look on the model code for control data information each model. C and CM Pressure Compensators This means it will intuitively change how the pump will handle pressure at a predetermined time and amount of pressure at the time it is needed. The amount of pressure can go up or down (60 – 90 psi) …

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Vickers PVE 19/21 Hydraulic Pump

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Racine PSV 80/100 Series

They have support guides in both tandem mounting kits. The differences in heights for each job, the customer is required to take care of the actual support rods and lock nuts. They need to be put onto the same mounting area as the pump and motor. Needs to be aligned to .003″ to indicator variance. …

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Parker M2/4 Series General Information

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